Gery Chico For Mayor Campaign: Field Director Kelsey Nulph

Friday, November 2, 2018



We asked Kelsey Nulph a few questions about the fast-growing Chico field operation. She wasn’t short on answers…


“When I met Gery, one of the first things that came across was how authentic he is. I always look for a candidate who’s genuine and authentic both in what they believe and in how they would lead if elected to office. He’s a very warm person. A genuine person. And he’s someone who has a wealth of experience – far more than any of his current opponents. And I believe strongly that Gery has the skill set that’s needed in order to lead the city into a brighter and better future.”

Kelsey Nulph served as the Field Director on the Kennedy For Illinois campaign before joining Chico For Mayor.

“Everywhere I go, people seem to know about what Gery’s done and they talk about how it’s had a positive impact on their daily lives. Some of these folks remember details from meeting Gery years ago. All of these things say a lot about him as a person.”


“The Gery Chico For Mayor 2019 campaign has already built a strong field operation. Its foundation is a broad base of volunteers and grassroots support that we’re organizing around the city. Of course, it builds on Gery’s strong second-place showing in his run for mayor of Chicago in 2011. We’re working with old and new supporters alike, to plug them into the work of the campaign. We believe this should be a neighborhood-centric campaign. Every neighborhood and community in Chicago is different and our organizing efforts should reflect that. And so the Chico For Mayor 2019 campaign will really build on the strength of community organizing and ensuring that we’re working block by block and neighborhood by neighborhood.”

“We’re starting with collecting petition signatures for the Gery Chico For Mayor 2019 campaign to get Gery on the ballot. And once we’re through with petitions and he’s successfully on the ballot, we’ll begin mobilizing people through phone banking and canvassing. We’ll be going door to door and using some really cool digital organizing tools. Texting, social media and some other digital channels to reach lots of voters who may be undecided. We’ve got some tricks up our sleeves! We’re going to make our argument for Gery everywhere we go and persuade Chicagoans to join Team Chico.”

“Right away we jumped out of the gate strong on the Southwest Side of the city and we also have a ton of support on the Northwest Side. Gery has multiple Chicago aldermen supporting him as well as members of the Illinois General Assembly. He’s also popular among the grassroots and in the business community.”

“I would say that what’s unique about Gery as a candidate is that he is really able to unite people and bring people together all across the city. As much as we’re looking into wards and organizing by ward, our supporters are really all over Chicago. I’ve never seen such a diverse network of people as the one Gery has built in his home city. It obviously comes from serving in so many capacities – and for so many years. He’s worked as President of the Chicago Public Schools, Chief of Staff to the Mayor, President of the Park District and Chair of the City Colleges of Chicago. 

“I have never been more confident in a field operation in my entire career. I think Gery has an unbelievable amount of support all across the city. He has people who are willing to do whatever it takes to get him elected – who are hungry to have him as the mayor of Chicago. And when you’re hungry and passionate about a candidate – that means that you WORK. So we’re going to take all of that collective energy and momentum and push it all the way forward until we’re on the fifth floor of City Hall. And that’s where the rubber meets the road. We can’t wait to get started working to build a safer and stronger Chicago.”


“I love that every day is different. I love being able to work on behalf of candidates who I feel passionately about. And I believe more in Gery’s candidacy than I ever have in any other candidate. And I’m really enjoying spending time with him on the campaign trail. I also just enjoy talking to people and interacting with people. I feel strongly that people need somebody that can represent them and represent their best interests – and I believe 100% that Gery is that person for this office.”


“Oh my Gosh – there are so many things people can do to help! First and foremost, tell all of your neighbors and friends about Gery and his candidacy. Help us get them involved in the campaign. You can canvass, you can phone bank and you can collect petition signatures. You can also come in to help us with office work. Or host a meet and greet. You can get neighbors and friends involved. We love it when people sign up to walk in a parade or meet us at different events. There are so many ways to get involved and we want to take everyone’s collective skill set and put it to work to elect Gery as our next mayor of Chicago!”