Friends and Family

Help Us Cross the Finish Line!

There is no more valuable endorser of Gery’s campaign for mayor than YOU.

With just days to go, Gery is polling among the top 3 candidates. By sending a message to your family, friends, and neighbors – you may literally make the difference in ensuring Gery qualifies for the runoff!

There are still a record number of undecided voters across the city. We KNOW  that these voters can be persuaded to VOTE for Gery if they hear/read an endorsement from the folks they trust the most.  

We need to reach as many Chicagoans as possible in the closing days. To help us achieve that goal, we’re hoping you would be willing to email the below note to your network in Chicago.

Feel free to tweak the note however you wish. Just copy, paste, and bcc’ all Chicago voters in your network. We’re keeping a running count of how many emails have been sent, so before you hit “send” – please bcc’ Michael Golden ( and Kelsey Nulph ( If you have any questions or need any help, just reach out and ask us!

Thanks to everyone for helping us finish this campaign STRONG. We’re going to win this thing next Tuesday – THANKS TO YOU!

Team Chico


Dear Family & Friends,

As you may know, we are fast approaching the most important municipal election in Chicago’s history (February 26, 2019). The next mayor of Chicago will be responsible for charting a new course for our city – making our city more affordable, our streets safer, rebuilding our neighborhoods, improving our schools and so much more. Our city needs a mayor who has experience and a roadmap – a mayor who acknowledges the challenges but sees the potential and opportunity. That next mayor is Gery Chico.

I’m supporting Gery Chico because he is the most experienced candidate in the race. He’s a lifelong Chicagoan who has served as the city’s first Latino Chief of Staff for a mayor, President of CPS where he rebuilt over 70 neighborhood schools, Chairman of the City Colleges, President of the Park District and he’s also a successful small business owner.

Learn more about Gery and his plans for our city:

Gery embodies Chicago – he grew up in our neighborhoods and he represents the best of our city. Gery’s an eternal optimist and believes the city’s best days are ahead. There is no one I would trust more to lead Chicago as mayor. Gery’s surging in the polls and has been declared a front-runner in the past five public polls. We need your help and support to get Gery across the finish line.

Here are a couple of ways you can HELP Team Chico:

  1. VOTE! The election is on Feb. 26th. Early voting has already started – click here to find your early voting location. Grab your family and friends and go VOTE for Gery Chico!
  2. SHARE! The BEST way to get your friends and family to vote for Gery is to SEND A PERSONAL EMAIL to your network like this one! (click here if you need HELP). You can also post Gery’s ads on social media. Tell your colleagues, neighbors, friends, and family – together we can do this!
  3. VOLUNTEER! Gery has a strong ground game working all across the city. Sign up here to make phone calls, knock doors and help get out the vote in the final days!
  4. GIVE! Gery has a grassroots campaign that relies on contributions big and small. If you’re able, consider giving to the campaign to provide our team with the fuel needed for the final stretch.

Please join me in making our city safer and stronger – together.  Elect Gery Chico for Mayor!