On the Issues

City Finance & Services

Chicago is at a crossroads, and our next mayor will have to make some tough decisions. Gery is the only candidate with a record of balancing four different local government budgets and creating surpluses. He plans to address our fiscal problems head on, while still making sure that we respect our tax payers and look for ways to limit the property tax burden on homeowners and businesses.


Tackling the city’s pension problem will be one of our biggest challenges. As mayor, Gery will explore a range of options to secure our pension funds including, growing our tax base, cutting the cost of government, seeking a greater share of revenue from the State of Illinois, and asset revenue transfers.

He will consider other revenue generating sources to stabilize pensions and pay for city government like optimizing collections for city fees for services, utilizing surplus TIF funds, selling city-owned vacant land, and advertising for revenue before asking taxpayers to foot the bill.

Our hard working firefighters, police officers, teachers, and public servants earn their pensions. Gery believes that as a city, we have to honor our commitment to them, just as they commit themselves to making our city a better home for all of us.

City Services

Gery believes that providing services like trash pickup, tree trimming, rat control, graffiti removal, street lighting, and road maintenance is an essential government function. We cannot drop the ball on providing these municipal services predictably and efficiently to all of our residents. Gery will bring new ways to increase oversight and accountability of the government agencies and city contractors who provide these services to make sure Chicagoans are getting the most for the tax dollars they pay.