Thursday, February 21, 2019

Contact: Kelley Quinn

CHICAGO — Mayoral candidate Gery Chico on Thursday officially welcomed opponent Lori Lightfoot to the Taxing Trio of Chicago who are ready to pounce on residents’ wallets if they make it to the fifth floor of City Hall.

“Lori Lightfoot is now on the record saying she is a taxer,” said Chico, who is one point away from first place, according to a poll reported by an NBC reporter Wednesday. “This is how it starts when elected officials can’t find ways to generate revenue. First it’ll be a small tax — in this case hitting tourists’ wallets — then she’ll ransack residents’ pocketbooks. Our working families can’t take another brick on their backs.”

Lightfoot wants to raise hotel taxes 1-2 percent to generate revenue to keep artists from leaving the city. Chicago already has the highest hotel tax in the United States of any major city:

New York: 14.75%
Los Angeles: 14.00%
Philadelphia: 14.20%
San Antonio: 9.00%
Dallas: 7.00%
Miami 7.00%

Lightfoot now joins candidates Susana Mendoza (the original soda taxer and city sticker thief), Bill Daley (the commuter taxer), and Toni Preckwinkle (sales tax, soda tax and parking apps).

“We can’t keep doing this to people — to our residents, to our tourists, and to our hotels,” Chico said. “First it’ll be tourists who stay away from Chicago, then our residents will be hit with another tax and decide to leave the city. Our working families can’t handle another brick on their backs. They’re tired of lazy politicians using them as personal ATM machines.”

Chico has promised to find efficiencies and use creative innovation to generate revenue for the city, including a special entertainment district near O’Hare, which will generate tens of millions of dollars. Throughout his career, Chico has put together more than 20 budgets and is experienced at finding solutions and supporting the city’s causes.

“Anyone who can’t find $2 million in Chicago’s budget before turning to taxes shows they don’t have the experience needed to run this city,” Chico said.