Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Contact: Kelley Quinn

CHICAGO — Mayoral candidate Gery Chico showed his mayoral poise on Tuesday during the WTTW debate — the final televised forum before the mayoral election next Tuesday. Joining Chico at WTTW was Amara Enyia, LaShawn Ford, Lori Lightfoot, and Garry McCarthy.
Chico was asked how he would raise revenue to fill the revenue gap with a looming pension payment. Chico stressed that he’s successfully managed 20 budgets — none of them easy. He has already put together several revenue options for when he becomes mayor:
  • Legalizing marijuana- ($100 Million)
  • Building a downtown casino- ($300 Million)
  • Sports Betting- ($150 Million)
  • End the corrupt, unfair and undervalued assessments of commercial properties and skyscrapers. Some Chicago skyscrapers are worth hundreds of millions more than their official-assessments (hundreds of millions)
  • A 1.2 percent real estate transfer tax on million dollar homes in the city- ($150 Million)
  • Eliminate the Clerk and Treasurer position- ($10 Million)
  • Stop paying hundreds of millions in police misconduct settlements – it’s one of the biggest scandals in America.  Investing in real police training up front will save millions in settlements
  • Build an entertainment district west of O’Hare airport to generate tens of millions of dollars
Chico also told host Carol Marin that he has an ethics plan that bans outside employment, ends aldermanic privilege and calls for term limits. He also has proposed the Chicago Voter Initiative that allow Chicagoans to vote on the issues that will reform our City Council through a binding referendum.
Chico told Marin that his proven track record of delivering results for Chicagoans as the head of five city governments makes him the best qualified bcandidate to hit the ground running on day one after he is sworn in as mayor.
Marin also asked each candidate if they’d put ketchup on a hot dog. Chico, a Chicagoan through and through, said “no way!”
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