As Mayor, Chico Will for Push City Employees Working for City Government to Receive More Paid Time Off


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Contact: Kelley Quinn

CHICAGO — Mayoral candidate Gery Chico announced on Tuesday that he will push the City Council to extend paid parental leave for city employees, including fathers, partners, and those adopting.

“All experts agree, parents need time to bond with their children. It’s the right thing to do,” Chico said.

Chico said the issue came to light for him when he was approached by a city employee who recently adopted a child, yet only had two weeks paid leave.

“There is just no way to connect with a child in such a short period of time,” Chico said. “It’s up to us as city leaders to not only help our employees be the best parents possible but also create a better workplace.”

The current policy for city employees offers four weeks paid leave for a natural birth, six weeks for those who have a cesarean section and two weeks for adopting parents. The city offers two weeks of paid leave for fathers.

Chico says that all parents should be given 12 weeks paid leave. A mother who has undergone a cesarean section would be given 16 weeks.

New York City allows employees six paid weeks for maternity, paternity and adoption.

“Chicago should be a leader when it comes to taking care of its employees and their families,” Chico said. “Studies consistently show the positive impact of paid parental leave not just for the employees but also for the employers they serve — helping to recruit employees, reduce turnover, and ensure peace of mind for parents.”

Chico believes the city should treat its employees well when competing in the marketplace for top talent. One look at the private sector shows the disparity between the public and private sector.

Private Sector Paid Maternity Leave

Netflix 52 weeks

Microsoft 22

Airbnb 22

Twitter 20

Amazon 20

Apple 18

Uber 17

WeWork 12

HP 10