“If you shoveled it – you earned it!”


Monday, February 11, 2019

Contact: Kelley Quinn

Chico’s new video: “Pro-Dibs!”

CHICAGO — Gery Chico never left the city he grew up in. As a kid, he pumped gas at his dad’s South Side garage. He painted houses on weekends. He shoveled snow during Chicago’s historic snowstorms. And shoveled, and shoveled.

Then he grew up, and started shoveling his own car out – only to return to find his spot had been scooped up by some opportunist.  

Keep that in mind when the forecasted snow starts to fall today and this week.

Chico learned about “Chicago Dibs” as a young adult.  From then on, he’d stick whatever he could find into his shoveled-out parking space on the street. Lawn chairs, two-by-fours on sawhorses, you name it. He knows the “rules” of Dibs.

That’s because Chico is Chicago through and through. As WGN radio host Pete McMurray said Friday night:

“You’re a meat and potatoes guy. You’re a Chicago guy. You have no entourage when you show up at the radio station … you’re a Chicago guy just like everyone else.”

 Chico knows Dibs is a time-honored, sweat equity tradition in Chicago.  Yet it’s nothing compared to the hard work and challenges the city is facing in every neighborhood. From education to public safety to ethics and neighborhood development – Chico knows the issues and has plans ready to go as Chicago’s next mayor. Still, if you’re new to the city, he’d like you to understand the unwritten rules of Dibs that will never change under his administration:

1.    You must properly shovel the spot.

2.    There must be a significant amount of snow. Don’t just stick chairs in the street. Your neighbors won’t invite you to their block party.

3.    The spot must be in front or near your home.

4.    Do not shovel your spot out and toss the snow in your neighbor’s already shoveled-out spot. And don’t you dare shovel it back into the street so the plows pile it up on some other car.

 5. Use anything you think is acceptable to hold the spot – if you don’t mind someone taking it.

  6. Finally, and most importantly, it’s like Chico says: “If you shoveled it – YOU EARNED IT!”