New Chico Ad Showcases Leadership in Transforming City Schools

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Contact: Kelley Quinn


November 8, 2018

Contact: Kelley Quinn

New Chico for Mayor Ad Showcases Chico’s Leadership in Transforming City Schools

Chico also launches digital billboard ad on Eisenhower Expressway

CHICAGO — After quickly jumping to the top-tier of fundraisers in the 2019 mayoral field, the Gery Chico For Mayor campaign launched its first digital ad on Thursday.

“Getting It Done On Education” conveys how difficult the challenges were in the Chicago Public Schools in 1995 – and what Chico achieved on behalf of Chicago schoolchildren once he was appointed President of the CPS. The video can be viewed here:

On Wednesday, Chico also lit up a large digital billboard with his campaign slogan: “Safer. Stronger. Together.” The billboard faces east on the Eisenhower Expressway at the Harlem exit. More than 250,000 vehicles pass the sign on a daily basis.

City Club of Chicago President Jay Doherty recently introduced Chico by saying: “Just for the record, no one is better equipped to run the city of Chicago than Gery Chico.”

In that City Club speech, Gery laid out his vision for the city – and just as importantly – his history of getting things done. Chico has served as Chief of Staff to the Mayor, President of the Chicago Public Schools, Chair of the City Colleges of Chicago, and President of the Chicago Park District. He has gotten things done and delivered measureable results in every one of these assignments.

Getting It Done On Education” offers voters a snapshot of the results Chico delivered at CPS, including:

Student Achievement

Elementary school reading test scores rose every year of Chico’s presidency

Elementary school math scores rose in five out of six years of Chico’s presidency

High school reading and math scores improved in five out of six years of Chico’s presidency

Repaired Schools

  • Chico raised and spent nearly $3 billion for school repairs and construction
  • Chico built 16 new schools, 27 new annexes, and 29 additions to existing buildings
  • Chico created 1,137 permanent, new classrooms

Chico ensured that 339 schools received new windows, 325 got new roofs, and 317 received masonry repairs


Chico exponentially increased the hiring of new teachers to reduce class size

Worked with the Chicago Teachers Union, Chico negotiated two four-year contracts that increased teacher salaries by 19.7%

After-School Programs

  • Chico developed after-school and summer programs that provided over 175,000 students with adult supervision and tutoring

Over half of all Chicago Public Schools provided after-school care during Chico’s tenure

The Chico For Mayor campaign is running field operations on the ground in every ward in the city of Chicago. Chico’s goal is to achieve a safer and stronger Chicago for everyone – by working together.

Throughout the campaign, Chico For Mayor will continue to remind voters of his long track record of getting things done on behalf of the city – while prioritizing and laying out plans to tackle the challenges ahead.